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Offshore Sailing Course

400+ nautaical miles of non-stop sailing. Punat - Palagruža - Lastovo - Vis - Jabuka - Punat

Take your sailing experience to a whole new level and hone your day & night navigation skills. Build confidence through non-stop sailing and simply enjoy a week of good time at sea.

Given the success of past courses, we decided to re-organize a unique offshore sailing course. Next date: 22.04.2023.g.

The idea of our Offshore sailing course is to show the beauty of life on a sailboat, away from the crowds, stress and strict rules.
So, you have sailed before and have some miles in the wake. Maybe you skippered a boat a few times for day sailing with friends & family or crewed in a few regattas. Now your ambitions are higher and you want to experience true offshore sailing.

Offshore Sailing - Details

Who is the course made for?

Offshore sailing is for everyone who wishes to improve their sailing skills, learn to live aboard a sailboat and to sail around beautiful distant islands. And for everyone who sailed before, liked it and want to go one step further.

Instructor: Saša Fegić

Saša Fegić sailed around the world around three great capes (cape of Good Hope, Leeuwin and Cape Horn). After five ocean crossings, sailing 39.000 miles around the world in 28 months, being accepted in the International Association of Cape Horners and receiving the Qualifiers Mug Award from the Ocean Cruising Club for the most ambitious and arduous qualifying voyage, he is ready to share his experience in this unique sailing course.

Route: Punat - Palagruža - Lastovo - Vis - Jabuka - Punat

400+ nautaical miles of non-stop sailing from Punat on the island of Krk, around distant Palagruža island (an island closer to Italy than to Vis), all the way to magical "island of bright stars" - Lastovo. After a well-deserved rest, the navigation continues around Sušac, Vis and volcanic rock Jabuka, all the way back to homeport.

Itinerary / Offshore Sailing

Program 22.4. – 28.4.2023.

  • SAT: Arrival at NAS Sailing Center, in Punat on Krk, in the evening. Accommodation on board, welcome drink.
  • SUN: Morning coffee, shopping for food and drinks, briefing, introduction to the boat, safety equipment and protocols for offshore sailing. Weather forecast overview and route plan. Sailing out to the sea..
  • MON: Offshore sailing non-stop towards to island Palagruža.
  • TUE: Sailing around Palagruža and continuing sailing towards Lastovo. Sailing into the Hidden Harbor.
  • WED: Inspection and cleaning of the ship. Optional: visit to the Struga lighthouse and rest. Dinner together.
  • THU: Sailing out in the morning and sailing towards to island Vis. Possibility to sail in to Komiža in the evening.
  • FRI: Overview of weather forecast and route plan, Non-stop sailing towards to Krk.
  • SAT: Arriving in Punat, welcome drink. Save the ship and debrief. Dinner together.
  • *The sailing plan will be adjusted in case of extremely bad weather.

Sailboat: Salona 45

Salona 45 (cruiser/racer) is 1 13.5 meter long sailing yacht with excellent characteristics. Comfortable, fast and safe – a perfect vessel for offshore sailing with excellent sailing characteristics.
This model is the debut of a domestic shipyard and the first Salon to pave the way for other models with its success. Suffice it to say that the mold of the ship came out of the J&J studio, owned by the famous brothers Japec and Jernej Jakopin. It is as popular a cruise ship as it is for regattas, due to its agility and ease of handling.
And while the exterior of the Salona is definitely cruiser-racer, with an emphasis on the latter feature, the interior is comfortable and in line with modern charter boat design trends. Spacious 4 cabins and 2 bathrooms are comfortable accommodation for the crew, and the central place is occupied by a fully equipped kitchen and a spacious lounge where the crew can relax with a cup of hot drink after the guard.


  • Non-stop Offshore Sailing
  • +400 nautical miles
  • Rounding sailing landmarks Jabuka - Palagruža - Lastovo
  • Night sailing & navigation
  • An experience to remeber and talk about


If you don’t fear pitch dark at sea nor losing sight of the land, if losing the mobile network does not scare you nor shedding a pound or two of weight, this is the adventure for you.

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Offshore Course - price

Offshore Sailing Course
Departure 8.10.2022.g.
7 days


  • Former participants of NAS SAILING CENTRA Courses - 10%
  • members JK DOBRO MORE - 10%

Included in the price: all inclusive (on boat) instructor, fuel, berth, tourist tax

* 1 pers./twin cabin : +60% of price whithout discount

Not included in price: food & drinks outside the boat

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Offshore Sailing Course

Start date: 22.04.2023

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