With its Marina Punat, it is one of the largest nautical centres in Croatia. Punat is coastal settlement located in the most protected bay of northern Adriatic called Puntarska draga. Islet of Košljun, a pearl of Puntarska draga bay is located in its very middle and local residents usually call it Mostir. Franciscans built a monastery there in the 15 th century but history and legends of the islet date back to Roman times.

One of the legends says that the whole bay used to be a field and even today you can see long dry stone walls in the sea. Older generations allegedly remember how Franciscans used to cross to the other coast, opposite to Punat – St. Mikul, during the low tide periods. For this reason the waterway in this area is limited to boats with a draft of up to 1.5 m.

Marina Punat

As we mentioned above, Marina Punat is a one of the largest marinas on the Croatian coast, and certainly the oldestone. Situated in the naturally protected Punat Bay it is a "second home" for many yacht-owners from all around the Europe. The marina has a capacity of 1,000 sea berths and 500 dry-dock spots. In the immediate vicinity of Marina Punat is a small family hotel Kanajt with all facilities for modern travelers or yacht owners.

Activities - What to do in Punat?

Punat is one of the most suitable places on Adriatic for all year round gaining of first sailing miles with one of the sailing courses. The slightest shift towards the open sea from the Punat Marina is always followed by the wind in the sails.

If you intend to visit Punat in summer months do not miss to visit hidden beaches only accessible by boat among Punat and Stara Baška. Activities holidays in Punat will be unforgettable.

Punat location

Punat is located on the southwestern part of the Island of Krk and is considered one of Krk’s more recent villages. Island of Krk is the nearest Croatian island to Central and West Europe and it is easiest accessible island if you arrive by car. Bridge to mainland is connected to highway network extending almost to all of European cities. (Ljubljana, Slovenia 2h 30min, Vienna, Austria 5h 40min, Munich, Germany 6h 30min, Zürich, Switzerland 8h 30min).

Punat nearest international airport is Rijeka Airport [RJK] located on the island, 20 km from Punat. Over the last few years, the airport has seen continual growth and is keeping pace with international standards with its modern facilities. It is covered by direct flights to lots of Europe destination - Berlin, Brussels, Dresden, Dubrovnik, Dusseldorf, Goteborg, Hamburg, Hannover, Koln, Košice, London, Munchen, Osijek, Oslo, Riga, Sofia, Split, Stockholm, Stuttgart, Tallinn, Tel Aviv, Warsaw, Zagreb.

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