Team building

Free market rules and relationships are constantly changing and it is almost impossible to predict them. It is therefore of crucial importance to have quick and almost intuitive reactions as well as creative and synchronized team.

Team building is organized with intention to raise the quality of employee’s cooperation in the company but also as a method of creating better business relationship with your clients and business partners.

Team building activities, if well planned and strategically implemented, can be a good way for generating a feeling of one’s belonging to a team and connecting various qualities and personalities aiming to reach a common goal!


  • Building a team
  • Raising participant’s motivation level
  • Strengthening the quality of each team member
  • Setting up a common way of business rationale needed for company’s successful development
  • Raising self-confidence, initiative and one’s wish to score the most inside the team
  • Improvement of interpersonal relationships and creation of positive working atmosphere
  • Stress relief through entertainment and recreation

Team building sailing

  • Corporate sailing events and regattas
  • Navigation Sailing

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