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In a way, it all started in 2014 when a perennial idea about the establishment of a sailing centre actually turned into reality. But the real beginning dates years back in the time of independent and team sailing for a local club, various regattas and ocean sailing, counting thus miles, breaking the waves, changing crews and ships and summing up storms and winds.

It was the time when sailing was hardly trained and sailors mastered the art of sailing. Years after that they decided to share all their love and knowledge towards the sea and sailing with all those who love the sea. With already experienced sailors, those who have barely set foot on the deck of a sailing boat and those who dream of their first wind in the sails that take them to the open sea. Somewhere in between this idea and decision the NAS was born - North Adriatic Sailing Centre.

Founded and based on experience, launched with enthusiasm and love, NAS Centre gathers three experienced skippers and seaman that are willing to share with you all their knowledge and experience in making your first steps on the sailing boat or improving your sailing skills and abilities. We can also help you professionalize your sailing skills in becoming a reliable skipper to your own crew.

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NAS Sailing Center
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